Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day - A Poem

This Ode to Mothers of teen boys, can also apply to Mothers of all kinds... Here's to YOU!
They think they're funny, not looking at me...

Pledge for Moms of Teenage Boys
by Tara Tyler

Repeat after me...

I am the mother of crass teenage boys.
When they were young, we played with their toys.
Action figures, super heroes, talking turtles, balls;
And I kissed all their boo boos after their falls.

From dare-devil stunts to record breaking goals,
I almost went blind from constant eye rolls.
As older they grew, so did their smells.
The kisses were fewer and so were the tells.

Now they are driving, impressing the girls.
It all went so fast, oh how the time whirls.
Here lies our duty to train these young lives
To be better men for their future wives.

Pledge Number One: Moms must take a stand,
Make them clean up, they should lend a hand.
Stop picking up after them, losing your minds,
Or they'll never get up off their lazy behinds.

Pledge Number Two: Limit their screens.
They must learn to speak, and not just with memes.
Expressing emotions is part of the lesson;
Mimic emojis and less text expression.

Pledge Number Three: Don't let them quit,
Staying with something makes them legit.
Commitment to job, faith, and family stuff;
Sticking with guts no matter how rough.

If we work together on these three big things,
We'll make better men with happy endings.
And don't be afraid, they'll never forget.
They'll always love mom, how e'er old they get.

Remember those boys and their sweet little faces,
And someday with grandkids, maybe they'll grace us.

Now go take it easy - or hide before they find you!

PS - Health-o-Meter: One good week, One bad week
(Teacher Appreciation is chock full of free food!)


  1. Love the poem. Happy Mother's Day to you all.

  2. Hi Tara - well done ... boys will be boys ... cheers - but have fun today ... Hilary


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