Friday, March 3, 2017

Loving the LipSense!

Hey everyone! I invited Robin Hall, a dear writer friend of mine, to join us and talk about a new business venture she took on. One you can even do yourself! Here she is talking about: LIPSENSE!!

Hello, the Really Real Housewives!!
After reading Tammy’s lipstick post in December, I asked if she’d be willing to add another brand to the mix, and she agreed! YAY! She tried out Sheer Berry, a great color to bring out green eyes. (even though Tammy has brown, it still looked great!) She asked me to briefly introduce myself and LipSense.

Tammy and I are writing friends. I’m a North Carolina girl, enjoying country living with my 3 acres, 5 kids, 1 husband, 1 dog, and 22 chickens (goats to come!) I teach yoga and strength training classes, love to bike (mountain and road) and rock climb.  Here I am with my cuties on Valentine’s Day.

I gave up lipstick years ago. My husband wouldn’t kiss me if I wore it, and I didn’t want to get it on my babies. So when I heard about this good-for-you lipstick that stayed where it belonged, and worked as hard as I do, I decided to give it a chance.

Not only did my color stay, but my lips became so much healthier. No more dry, chapped lips for me! I don’t even have to hide chapstick in my utensil drawer anymore! Plus, it’s great for Halloween:)

 Obviously I love it, but I’ll let Tammy tell you about her experience!!

I had a wonderful experience, Robin!! As everyone knows, I like the Color Stay by Maybelline, but I found LipSense to be equally amazing. I loved the OOPS wand idea! And, in the long run, you may feel like you are dishing out more money, but once you look at the ounces - you're not!! I hands down think LipSense is the bees-knees! Here is a photo of the color I chose which was a plum-like color.

You can find Robin's LipSense on facebook at: where you can also see her many colors and  products to purchase. Robin can even tell you how you can become a distributor if you so wish! SPECIAL DISCOUNT!! If you use the promo code: ReallyRealHousewives you get free shipping on your order!!  Aren't having amazing friends, awesome??

If you have tried LipSense, I would love to hear your opinion of this long wear lipstick. If you haven’t tried LipSense yet, I would love to hear about which color you would try first! Leave a comment below to let me know. 


  1. Not heard of it before and don't know if it's available in Canada.

    1. It is available in Canada, Jo. I can't sell it to you, but you can goto and search for distributors in your area.😙

  2. I don't like lipstick that feels heavy or, like you say, rubs off on everything. I also have a nervous habit of licking my lips, so nothing ever stays on. I suppose I am lipstick's worst nightmare!


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