Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Battling the Winter Blues

Are you ready for Spring?
We had a teaser of spring this week, got to 75 one day! My boys were happy to get outside. But cold weather is around the corner, so it's not quite time for shorts yet.

Well, here are a few ways to squelch the Winter Blues...
(from Real Simple and Article)
  1. Seek the light!
  2. Eat better
  3. Get some exercise
  4. Don't watch the news! i.e. - avoid negativity
  5. Listen to some tunes
  6. Talk to friends, old and new
This list may sound familiar because it's also a good way to live, no matter what time of year it is. I know I'd be happier if I ate better and exercised more, but it's just not as high a priority as it should be.

I also put together a list of some Positives Parts of Winter!
  1. Sweaters & Boots
  2. Cozy comfort - blankets, fires, hot cocoa, cuddling
  3. No bugs!
  4. No outdoor allergies!
  5. No yard work
  6. Snow - just not too much
  7. Basketball season - fun sport to watch
  8. Outdoor fun - skating, sledding, skiing, snowmen
Winter is not my favorite season, but it's not all bad. And soon Spring will be here with new, new, new... And that's why we have the change of seasons, so we don't have to deal with too much of one - unless you want to and move to Florida!

Ready for Spring? What do you like about winter? How do you beat the winter blues?


  1. We are lucky our apartment has very large windows - virtually a complete wall in the living room. This does seem to help. When we used to Cross Country Ski we couldn't wait for winter and hated it when it ended.

  2. We're having a pretty warm winter these days, which helps. I like your advice for beating the winter blues!

  3. My spring flowers are starting to peak out from under the mulch, so it's coming! I prefer summer, but I'm not winter hater. Like you, I appreciate the snow and the sweaters...gotta love layers!

  4. We've only had about three days of winter weather this year, and it is almost eighty degrees right now, so we don't get much opportunity to get winter blues here in Georgia. Your tips are terrific, though.

  5. My way of coping with the winter months is invite my mates around for some beers and of course we have to watch Star Trek! Hehe...

  6. I wish we could say we were bug-free in the winter. In Georgia, we have those blasted Box Elder Beetles. It was a major job getting them out of the house!

    It's really nice to see the flowers blooming, though!


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