Monday, March 13, 2017

2017 FASHION: What's In and What's Out!

About a week ago, a friend posted on Facebook some major flashbacks I was having to the 90's with the whole small floral print dresses and shirts. I mean, come on, it's bad enough crushed velvet is back, but not the small floral print! I always DID wonder if it ever would.

So that had me wondering. What IS the new fashion right now and what ISN'T. Alas! A list of the top five IN and OUT for 2017. Let's first get rid of some crap, I mean...stuff.

1. Plain sneakers - well yeah, we aren't all going sailing today so...
2.Corset tops - sorry Kardashians...(not sorry)
3. Stretch skinny jeans - apparently a more vintage look is going to make waves
4. Lingerie inspired dresses - I mean...come on. Less is not always more.
5. 4-5" or more heels - apparently women now want comfort (imagine that!)

OK, now what exactly is IN!

1.Mule shoes - from low heels to high, strap/strapless (ok so this is the only '90s one reappearing, phew!)
2. Stripes - I'm so for this, but vertical. (horizontal = wide look)
3. Athletic inspired fashion - hate to say it but workout clothes are kinda in
4. Abstract prints - we all knew those yoga designs would eventually catch up to us
5. Fun sneakers - well yeah, I mean...hello? 

What do you think?? Agree / disagree? I'm all for the new change.


  1. Interesting. I've always thought that some women's shoes, especially very high heels, are a form of torture, similar to the way the Chinese wrapped rich women's feet to cripple them, all for fashion

  2. I've never cared much about what's "in" and what's "out." I wear what I like when I like, and as long as something still fits and hasn't fallen apart, I wear it. (I HATE to go clothes shopping!)

    1. I totally agree. Sometimes I see what's out and say well...i didn't even know it was IN. Lol

  3. Never been much into fashion either, I think what I see younger women wearing now is pretty hideous so I wouldn't want to follow it. Mind you at my age I would look quite silly in some of the stuff I think.

    1. I am pretty modest when it comes to dressing, too :)

  4. I don't know what's in or out. I'm a classic.


  5. I fell off the fashion bandwagon twenty years ago and never tried to get back on, but I do want to avoid being a "what-not-to-do".


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