Friday, September 30, 2016

Identify Your Beast

 We don't promote our books here, although all of us RRH bloggers are writers.

So, this isn't a promo. It's just some fun that our own, Tara Tyler, came up with to promote her middle grade book, Broken Branch Falls.

Here's the deal:
You take a short quiz and at the end, you are assigned a character name and trait.

I was an elf, and my name was Dodee, which was much closer to my reality than the first time I took the quiz and got goblin- that must have been pre-coffee me.

Just for fun...take the survey below and let us know...what sort of character are you?

Beastly Survey

                                                          Want to read the book?

                                                          You can buy it Here!

Not in the mood to read? 
How about a movie?

Summer 2017, the sequel, starring Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, is coming to one seriously fun movie. 

Starring Robin Williams, this story centers on a 12-year-old boy, Alan, who starts playing a mysterious game. The game causes a shift in reality that unleashes all sorts of action, adventure, and total mayhem. Alan and his friends must finish the game in order to set their world back to rights.  

So, before watching the sequel*, grab the original. 

Or check your local library! Did you know your local library often has movies you can check out just like books? 

*A little movie trivia for you...Jumanji 2017 was originally set to be a sequel, but the writers quickly rewrote the script to be a continuation to the original story rather than a remake. So glad Hollywood got smart. There is no need to tamper with perfection and Robin Williams in this film is perfect. 


  1. OK I did the beastly game. I will await the results. Saw Jumanji many years ago. Enjoyed it at the time.

    1. My kids used to watch it over and over. I think we wore out a VHS tape!

    2. OK, I am a centaur called Jatch - they are apparently highly intelligent and intuitive. Sounds just lime me LOL

  2. thanks Liz!! what a sweet surprise!!

    1. You did such a great job with the survey. I'm so jealous of your multitude of skills.

  3. I took the survey, too, and will come back to tell ya what the results are after I receive them. My guess, though? I'm a mixed (old) bag.

    We saw the original Jumanji, but I don't remember too many details about it, other than we liked it.

    1. Okay, according to the results, I'm a goblin. I may be taller than the average goblin, but I DO have green eyes. (My SKIN, however, only looks puke green when I'm sick...)

      Fun survey!

  4. So glad you guys had fun with the survey! Beasts rule!
    Thanks again, Liz for highlighting it!

  5. I'm curious about the new Jumanji movie. We just watched the original movie again.


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