Friday, September 9, 2016

Bowling anyone?

This third blog post is supposed to be about something fun or crafty. I’m afraid my only craft is cooking. Ask me anything you like about that and I mostly will have an answer.

I have never been an exercise freak or a sports buff although these days we go 5 pin bowling twice a week and love it. Canada is the only country where 5 pin bowling is played, it was invented by a Canadian just over 100 years ago although I understand his original version was a lot harder to play. Glad it has been simplified. My scores are bad enough as it is.

Being a senior, I also go to the exercise classes which are held in our building 3 times a week. I only go twice because one class clashes with bowling – can’t miss that. Not that I am any chicken, but it is incredible to see 90-year-olds doing exercises or bowling. The oldest bowler I ever met was 97. However, that was her last year. When she died she was bowling twice a week, drove her own car, played ping pong and did line dancing. I should be so lucky. One morning she didn’t wake up. Best way to go.

One thing we do like to do is have friends over for dinner when we (mostly I) cook up a storm. I used to do a lot more like printing fancy menus for my guests.  Haven’t done that for a while now. I used to belong to an online cookery group too, where we swapped recipes. I was very lucky to be able to meet many of them at a lunch in England when we went back for a visit.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading every word of Jo's posts and getting to know her better! Just hearing how pleasant life is for her gives me hope. And I agree, cooking and baking isn't what it used to be. But I know many who love the craft. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Jo and keep bowling!

Jo Wake has been happily married for almost 44 years, originally from the UK, living in Canada now. She's interested in cooking, reading and wildlife conservation.

Her blog is "Jo on Food, Life and a Scent of Chocolate" When she first signed up with blogger, they would not accept her last name for some reason, so she used a family name.

If you need any more info about Jo, a friend wrote a blog post about her some time ago. Although it claims she's interested in gardening, she's not really. She likes to look at gardens, that’s all.


  1. Thanks so much, I enjoyed doing these posts. Funny, I have never considering cooking and baking to be separate. To me it is all cooking.

    1. Same with me. It is all cooking and should be avoided at all costs. LOL.

      I need to be your neighbor, so I could come for food. I'd do dishes.

  2. I've never heard of five-pin bowling. I imagine I would be pretty terrible at it, though. I have a hard enough time hitting the pins when there are ten of them. :)

  3. Meeting them for lunch is super neat. And wow, 97. Love that.

  4. I've never heard of five pin bowling. I thought there was only nine pin bowling. I'm wondering if less pins makes it harder or easier.

  5. I've never heard of 5-pin bowling, either, but I used to be an avid 10-pin bowler. At one time, I belonged to three different leagues, three handicap and one scratch, plus a fourth short-season one. Lots of fun!

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