Monday, September 7, 2015

Survive Labor Day

No one loves a Monday holiday more than me. Of course, that means Tuesday is the new Monday. And nobody wants that.

Here is how you're going to survive Labor Day though. Buy a bag of precooked lean hamburger patties from your local grocery store. I'm in Texas, so HEB has these for about $6/bag and 1 patty is 130 calories. Grab whole wheat buns and microwavable popcorn. (Popcorn has less calories than potato chips. It's just as cheap and other than the 2 minutes in a microwave doesn't take any longer to toss into a bowl than any other snack. Besides, that gives you two minutes to find and wash a bowl). If you really want to be a great hostess, shuck some corn on the cob, sprinkle salt, wrap in aluminum foil and bake. Clean the kitchen while the corn bakes, and if a kid or husband crosses your path, set them to work. The mode is survival. No one escapes today. If you're up to it, toss a salad. (Chopping your own veggis is cheaper, but how much is your time worth? I use the bagged stuff). Voila. You have a labor day meal. And it's semi-healthy.

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