Wednesday, September 2, 2015

RSVP and bring an app!

What to bring? We all want to bring something everyone will love and gush over. Well, I'm usually not that person. But I do have one super awesome recipe that qualifies as gush-worthy...

This appetizer is NOT easy to make, but it TASTES FABULOSO! I got it from my mother-in-law but I have also seen it online (here). I make it at least once a year and it always gets rave reviews. But I say again, it is definitely a PITA to make, even with my shortcuts. 

Here's the recipe peeps:


BLT Bites!

16-20 cherry tomatoes
1 large jar bacon bits
1/2 Cup mayo
1/3 Cup chopped onions
3 T parmesan cheese
2 T parsley

Clean out the tomatoes. Mix the rest of the ingredients and stuff into the tiny tomatoes. Enjoy!

Bonus Party Planning Tip: For a large event, expect only 1/2 of the invited guests to come, then plan for 3/4. And serve what you like because you'll probably have food leftover!

And come back Friday for our first GUEST POST - by the adorable Mama Diaries blogger and children's book writer, Sherry Ellis!

It's party time!!


  1. Those are so cute! I'm a terrible hostess when it comes to parties. That's why I never have them. =P

  2. You should make some and bring them to me. Or! I should send my mother-in-law the recipe and have her make them for me. She's really good at PITA.

  3. Christine I never have parties because I hate to clean up before and after!

    Liz we need to have a book signing party together before I will make those again!

    it took me forever but I finally got it right and responded


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