Friday, September 11, 2015

Signs of Fall

You know Fall has arrived when the bugs come inside...

Spiders are great for eating other bugs. And I love seeing them in a beautiful web...from a distance.

We used to catch the little jumpy ones, then catch other bugs and watch him eat them - yep, I'm one of those boy moms. Did that with praying mantis too - so cool!

A couple of years ago on Oct 1, a tiny spider floated down from the ceiling into the middle of breakfast with my sons - you should've seen those boys jump!! I laughed!

Anyone else got a good bug story for this nice cool weekend?? I <3 Fall!


  1. My boys got a tree frog. The tree frog ate bugs. The boys got tired of catching bugs, so it became my job. I'd be outside snatching moths drawn to the porch light. I never realized how goofy I looked until I caught my neighbor staring. I told him I was feeding the frog. He admitted he was glad there was a reason- it was a bit odd to be out grabbing bugs and running them into the house!

  2. Congrats ladies on the new blog!!!!! Uhhhhh.... Spider stories? Not really because I just see them everywhere!!! Tired of it and almost running smack into webs.

  3. Now I'm just looking around my room for spiders. Ugh! All clear at the moment, but you'll hear me shriek if I find one :-)

  4. I'm known for giving spiders a good talking to. If you stay away from me, you can live. But, if you come anywhere near me, or get down to my eye level, you're a goner. Bug-eater or not.
    I'm not quite ready for fall, but its happening whether I want it to or not.
    I LOVE fall, it just means that winter is not far behind.

  5. liz, you are a sitcom, love it!
    tammy, thanks! and I hate it when that happens!
    annalisa, darn that power of suggestion!
    heather, I talk to bugs, dirt, and appliances. I don't think they listen tho!!


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