Monday, September 21, 2015

Being Cheap and Easy

Okay, not quite what I meant, but since I have your attention:

Here are 7 great ways to save money without sweating, or heavy breathing.

Money-Saving, Get-Lucky 7!

At Home:

1. Repurpose old clothes into rags. I probably buy less than four rolls of paper towels a year. Instead I have a "rag bag" of old clothes, sheets, and towels cut into squares I use for cleaning. They're cheap and usable over and over.

2. Rubbing alcohol to clean the bath. I get bottles of rubbing alcohol from the dollar store and put it in spray bottles for quick bathroom clean-ups. It's a disinfectant, so a quick shot on handles and door knobs assure me I'm in a germ free spot- and it cleans mirrors squeaky clean!

3. Save those grocery bags! I don't buy kitchen can liners. I have a grocery bag-sized garbage can under my sink, and I line it with the store bags. When it's full, I carry it to the curb, which gives me plenty of free exercise walking back and forth.


4. Don't buy today what you can get a coupon for tomorrow! Online shopping? Log into the site with your email address, put what you want in the cart, and then walk away. Usually withing twenty-four hours a coupon will arrive via email. Now, go and buy what's in your cart.

5. Got to buy it today? Do an internet search for the site you're buying from. Let's say you're buying jeans form American Eagle, before you buy, search "American Eagle Discounts". Groupon and Retail Me Not are two of my favorite spots for reliable discounts.

6. Ebates! Have you tried this? While online shopping, start at the Ebates site and put in what you need or the store you plan to shop at. If it's a participating store, all you do is follow the link provided, shop, then later get a check in the mail. You can even get more money back by referring friends, such as: Click this link (Ebates) and I get credit. Pretty sweet for me, right?

7. While shopping in stores, keep your internet-linked phone handy. Before making a purchase, scan the product bar code and look at competitors' prices. I needed a printer, so I went to Wal Mart, scanned the bar code (there is an app for that!), and found one listed cheaper at another retailer. I showed the cashier and got a price match.

There you go, how easy is that?


  1. I really should get more coupons online. Thanks for the tips! That hooker has the worst purse! Hehehe! Yup, that's totally what I noticed about the pic other than the dramatic lighting!

    1. There are a few websites where you can download coupons and use them at the grocery store. Coupon Divas is my favorite:

    2. In defense of the purse- the whole look is tough to accessorize. The blue fuzzy purse does add a bit of, I can be as playful as a stuffed kitten you picked up for pennies at Goodwill.

  2. i love these deals! i only did a couple and now i will be more saavy online! thanks woman!

  3. Ooooh I love these!!!! I already knew and use the home tips, especially the alcohol cleaning bit, it works wonderfully! Now I must pay attention to my online shopping . . .

    And yes, you did get my attention with that pic LOL

    1. I love alcohol in the bathroom- both in a glass and a sprayer. It's quicker than those cans of quick clean wipes you can buy. I've tried bleach, but it smears on the glass. No worries of that with alcohol!

  4. I can't wait to try the rubbing alchol for cleaning! Turns out I am not as savy a shopper as I thought online. Thanks for the tips.

    1. My pleasure! With four kids, two of whom are in college, I'm looking to shave pennies wherever and whenever I can!

  5. "I love alcohol in the bathroom- both in a glass and a sprayer."

    OMG, that is my quote of the Year!!

    And I'm so going to forward this post to me.. .I knew a couple... but the rest noooo idea...

    (True story... you know it's me... I can't make this stuff up...!) I was walking through a mid-size strip mall the other day and all of a sudden I hear that traditional "Cha-ching" of an old cash register...

    Huh??? What is that??

    Keep walking...


    This time I look around, and it's only me....

    Now I start to get worried...

    I walk past Kohl's and the noise is deafening...

    "Cha-ching" "Cha-ching" "Cha-ching"

    Only then do I realize it's my damn "smart" phone and the Retail-me-not is trying to tell me I'm walking past a deal...

    Me and technology....


    1. LOL. You should have known that you'd be stalked by deals when you hit a strip mall.

      Strip mall? Get it? Hopefully not, they may be no cure.

      I can't wait for your visit either!

  6. I never remember to use the vouchers in my wallet, let alone go searching for more!

    1. I have to admit, I forget to pull them out too. But the online shopping is a little easier for me to remember my rebates. I guess sitting at my desk and shopping is far less stressful than standing and line worrying that the people behind me are loathing me for slowing them up to save 50 cents.

  7. Only trouble is I wear my old rags.

    1. I have the fortune (or misfortune) of having oodles of kids who ruin clothes weekly. My grandmother once had me take her to Goodwill so she could pick up some cheap tees to fill her rag bag.

      Or you could get the bundles of cheap wash clothes and re-use those.


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