Monday, February 4, 2019

You Gotta Have #Friends

You definitely gotta have friends!
Liz & Me are great friends who can relate to writing and boys!!
I've been a little down recently with my boys going away -- off on their own again. And I've also been feeling sympathy break-up pains... love stinks! yeah, yeah. So when a friend I haven't talked to in years texted me the other day and requested to buy 2 of my books, it really perked me up. God knew I needed to hear some encouraging words. Instantly, my cloud of self-pity and sadness was lifted.

my awesome friend I haven't see in 9 years!

This is the Barbie I customized for her -- a "mini me" Barbie!

and this is how she posed it when she moved -- haha!
I love and miss my friend!!
There's nothing like a text or call from a friend. Whether far or near, out of the blue or tried and true--kind words from a friend are an instant pick-me-up!

So spread a bit of good news, send a far away friend a funny picture, or invite a closer friend out to lunch or coffee. We could all use a little friendly conversation, any time!


  1. Wonderful to see Tara - friends are so important ... as too that positive connectedness - cheers Hilary

  2. It's always so great to reconnect with someone you have seen/talked to in years. So glad you have people who can lift your spirits like that!

  3. It is great to have friends. Mine have disappeared. haha. really. One day we are going out for dinner, lunches, texting funny things and laughing at nothing. Then all of a sudden they stop texting back. I stopped the random texting and now I never hear from them again. Im still baffled. But I still have friends I can call on if I need them. I think....

    1. You do have friends. I have bloggy friends I have never met in real life, yet can count on for so much support it's amazing. Tara and I were bloggy friends until we started hitting book events together. Now, we are IRL friends too.

  4. Friends are so important. Like Liz, I have bloggy friends who support me - Liz being one of them.

  5. Friends can change the world. So glad you were able to get out of your slump with her help.

  6. and I am so happy to have you guys as my friends thanks for supporting us!!


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