Monday, February 11, 2019

Easy Chocolate Treat #snacks #diets

Years ago, I was trying to diet (it's a perpetual goal of mine). My cousin's wedding was coming and I was in the wedding party, so I was committed to losing some weight. So committed, I even swore off chocolate. I totally emptied my house of the stuff. My only supply was a box full of these chalky-tasting chocolate diet drinks that were supposed to abolish cravings.

I did pretty well for a few days. Then one Saturday afternoon, I wanted a Snicker bar. Like seriously. I wanted one bad enough I was tempted to swap weekend pajama wear for real clothes and drive to the store.

But I resisted. I ate a banana. Still wanted the Snicker bar. Drank a choco-chalky diet drink. Still wanted that Snicker bar. Ate another banana. Then a yogurt cup.

Still, I wanted that damned Snicker bar. I was about to mix up yet another choco-chalky drink and my skinny niece, who was spending the day with me, said, "Would you just get a Snicker bar? It's what, 280 calories? So far, you've consumed about 400 calories trying NOT to eat what you're really wanting. Go get the Snicker bar before you gain 10 pounds resisting it."

It was an educational moment. She was right. For me, there is nothing to be gained by trying to stay on a stringent diet. That only leads to binge eating and depression.

I've since learned the smarter way to approach healthy eating is to allow for cravings. And here's a great quick and easy crunchy, chocolatey treat:

Put a few chocolate chips (I prefer dark chocolate; it's health food) on a pretzel, microwave for a minute, top with another pretzel. Delicious.


  1. Your post had me smiling Yes I know those feelings. I do the same thing with M&Ms from the gumball machine at work. You are right. You cant diet and deprive yourself of the things you love. All you have to do is eat in moderation and portion control. When I get the craving for, say, a snicker bar. I will get one and then try to eat just half. Or even just a bite. Food is an additcion. AND SO ARE. SNICKER BARS! Haha.
    The pretzel idea is perfect. But then Id have to add peanutbutter too hahaha

    1. It is addictive! I swear, I have the hardest time readjusting my eating after the holidays. If I eat sugar, I crave sugar. I'm proud to say, I went the weekend without running for candy bars. A couple pretzels did the trick. Next time, I will add some peanut butter. You're a genius!

  2. I have to get pretzels and dark chocolate.


  3. That's why I keep Hershey's Kisses Liz, just a couple or so satisfies my craving for chocolate. At least in the States you can get dark chocolate Kisses, for some reason they don't sell them up here.

    1. My favorite is the Hershey's with almonds. I can pretend it's also a source of protein.

  4. Yep, dark chocolate is health food pure. I hate lack of chocolate issues. Luckily, my family has been supplying me with enough the last weeks. (I'm finally training them ;) )

  5. The trouble is I have too many cravings!
    Great post and I love pretzel chips and nutella!

  6. i was skinny my entire life. once i hit 50, it i am fat at 60. i have never been on a diet and i could really use one. i am not a chocolate person, i am a food person and i don't think i eat too much. i sit too much!!

    a fun post!!!


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