Monday, February 18, 2019

Shrewd #Shopper & #BargainHunter

I love Big Lots and TJ Maxx. They have such great bargains. The trouble is, you have to hunt for the treasure among aisles and piles of merchandise that's not for you. I wish I had more time to shop, but I don't have time for exploration and discovery in the jungles of clothes trees.

When I shop, I usually have a list. I also plan to hit more than one store in the same area to consolidate my trip and save time. Like today, I have to get my oil changed. I also have to go to the mall and get my ring inspected (every six months). While I'm out, I added a few errands in the same area. I've got great coupons for Old Navy and a list of domestics for Target. I like to save time and money!

I also recommend shopping "off-season." You can find the best deals on shoes and clothes when the stores are changing over their merchandise for the upcoming season. Right now (early Feb), winter is out and spring is in! I just got a great pair of boots for $30! (I love shoe shopping! DSW is my fave & Famous Footwear is top two because it's close) I also have a list on my phone of certain items I know I need soon, which helps me focus in the shoe wonderlands! And I never neglect the small Sale sections, where I find most of my bargain treasures!

lunch & girl talk with Sherry Ellis

But once in a while, I make plans to have lunch with a friend and we stroll through stores with no lists or goals. Those kind of shopping trips are necessary. Chatting and sightseeing and possibly finding treasure we didn't know we needed. It's a great adventure and the company is priceless!

What are your favorite stores? How do you shop? Spontaneous or Serious? And where do you find bargains??


  1. Smart advice! I always have a list when I go shopping too. My hubby is more apt to browse. I'm the let's-get-it-done-and-out-of-here type! Kohl's is my favorite for clothing. Cheap nice clothes and then the times you get Kohl's bucks.

  2. I just got a good deal on a pair of Lucky Brand jeans at TjMaxx this past weekend. I love shopping thrift stores.

  3. My son called me one winter and said he wanted a new coat. I told him...we buy new coats in the spring and new swim trunks in the fall. You'd think after years of living with me he'd known that!!!

  4. Me I hate shopping and these days, if I can't do it online, I don't shop at all.

  5. Christine - I’m with you on kohls & gettin it done!
    Lisa - Lucky Brand is great! I doubt I’d find such a deal!
    Liz - men never learn unless its the hard way! ha!
    Jo - I do tons online, but clothes, shoes & sales i need to go see irl!

    thanks, y’all!

  6. Hi Tara - I don't buy unless I need it ... as for food I try and be sensibe and use everything up ... not too much online - but we need to buy local to help the small business owner - cheers Hilary

  7. I've been hitting the sweater sales and will need to go after boots next. I just pray the kids don't suddenly grow more than I expect them too.

  8. great tips, i am not a shopper and do most of my buying on-line. i have never been in big lots or tjmax!!


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