Monday, January 22, 2018

Fuzzy Wuzzy

The winter months bring out the bear in me... Grrr!

=> I eat like I'm going to hibernate for a few months and wish I could!

=> I growl a lot - about the weather, sickness, kids on screen too much, and static - boy do I hate static! Double Grrr!

=>But I do enjoy not having to shave, which makes me feel like a bear, too.

Yup, call me Harriet the Bear.

To keep my inner bear at bay - here are a couple of cures:
  • I try to keep more nuts and berries and less junk food in the house for when I'm feeling peckish (shout out to my British friends)
  • A new sweater or scarf or other knit item is a warm fuzzy treat in cold weather.
  • Keep Cold-eeze or Zicam and sanitizer on hand to drive away colds - and lotion for the dryness of the sanitizer!
  • And replace video time with board game togetherness time!
  • I don't have a good cure for static - except spraying my hairbrush with hairspray...

What kind of animal does winter bring out in you? And how do you tame it?

Stay happy & healthy!


  1. Never really thought about it Tara, not sure a bear wouldn't suit me as well. Grrrr.

  2. Hi Tara - I feel for you ... I'd love to sleep with the nighttime hours ... extra bed time! Not sure what I'd like to be ... for now I'll accept human! Cheers Hilary

  3. Lately, I think winter's bringing out the sloth in me. :)

  4. Hibernation sounds good to me!

    I get so much static from my hair that I hate to have it down. Wearing it up keeps it off my collar and reduces the static. I was shopping last week and mentioned that and the clerk told me to rub my hair with a dryer sheet. I tried it and it seemed to work. The hairspray also works. I'm always doing!

  5. Taking a long nap sounds lovely right now. I don't mind the cold. The heat of the summer brings more of a grumpy animal out of me. And I totally agree with board game time. The other week on a snow day, I spent three hours playing Clue with my son, but at least neither of us were looking at a screen! :)

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