Monday, January 29, 2018

Entertain Me

Feeling bored? Watch some TV, read a book!

I have three kids in college. Next year, there will be four in school. My husband and I toast our success over Ramen noodles, water, and cheap entertainment.

That's a joke, but not too far from the truth. Honestly, we are doing fine. Every now and then, we have peanut butter and jelly...just to keep it fresh. Again, a joke.

But I'm not joking about cheap entertainment. My husband and I watch a lot of TV and read a lot of indie books, because that's frugal entertainment.

I thought I'd share some of the best of my entertainment this month.


IMBd rating 6.1; Read the profile here
This movie only got a 6.1 on IMDb, but I liked it. It was a horror movie and I have noticed that horror movies seem to have lower numbers on average, so a 6.1 is actually pretty decent. The plot of this movie was fresh. It's about a boy whose dreams come true, which is sometimes amazing and other times a nightmare only a child can imagine. There was very little in this movie, but plenty suspense.

IMDb rating 7.4; read profile here
I loved this movie. It's cute. It's unique. It's poignant and endearing. As a baby, a young man was kidnapped as a baby and raised by some very quirky people in an underground shelter. He is freed and returned to his family as a young adult. He knows nothing of the world. His kidnapping "parents" did not expose him to the world. No television, no books. Instead his "dad" created him his own personal TV series, Brigsby Bear. As James becomes oriented to his new world, he does it with the help of friends and family who help him finish his Brigsby Bear series. (Purchased DVD from Amazon)


4.5 stars on Amazon
I'm not choosing this story because RRH blogger, Tara, wrote it. I chose it because it was a good read. I don't usually read much middle grade or young adult stories, but Tara is a friend, so I picked up this novella in 2017. I finally started reading it and enjoyed it.

In the war between humans and trolls, it's not the men whip will find the solution and keep the peace. It's the princesses. Strong willed and big hearted, the troll princess unites kingdoms by being the best self she can be. An enjoyable story that keeps you turning the pages.

What are you watching/reading that I should know about? Be sure to share!


  1. I'm reading Oathbringer, the third in the Stormlight Chronicles by Brandon Sanderson.

    1. I have a well stocked kindle. I could be stranded for months and never get bored.

  2. Thanks to a recommendation by Denise of My Life in Retirement, I have been devouring the Gabriel Allon series by Daniel Silva. Spy stories par excellence. I have also been reading some David Baldacci stories too. Don't watch a lot of TV.

    1. My family loves movies. I can watch one of them a night, but it takes me a few days to read a book, so my movie list is always much longer. I hope to get through the books currently on my kindle before I buy more.

  3. Hi Elizabeth - we make simple choices don't we - but well done on raising 4 kids to college age and beyond ... you're both probably ready to sit quietly and watch a fun movie ... or read a good book. Thanks for the recommendations and good luck to Tara with hers ... cheers Hilary

    1. Everyone warned me that having a mess of kids would make me light in the wallet, but that's all right. They've been a good investment.

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