Monday, August 29, 2016

My School Year FAILS

Although I'm thoroughly enjoying seeing my friends post photos of their kids' 1st day of school, I have yet to do so. Out here on the island, we don't start till September 6th!! It's sooooooo far away...

In the meantime, I've reflected on some big FAILS from last year that I didn't want to repeat. Some funny, some frustrating, and others just learning experiences. Hope these will help you in making the school year a total win-win. Or if anything, give you a good laugh at my expense!

note the "not having it" attitude
1. Telling pre-teen daughter what to wear the 1st day of school in a...threatening manner. (uniform school and I wanted a dress while she wanted pants; worst 1st day pic ever)

2. Assuming homework is done by the time I'm home from work. (and then believing them when they swear it is because you're too tired to check. Hint: they're 40% right, always check check check)

3. Not paying attention to the fact 2nd daughter keeps wearing the same shoes (holes, people! Quickest way to wear them out and have you back at the shoe store.)

4. Brushed teeth/hair done by the time we rush to the car. (basically if you didn't see it, it didn't happen; the rule of kid hygiene)

5. Littlest boy, crumbs, and backpacks (let's not go there...)

6. Any of the kids, bananas, and backpacks (kill me now...)

7. When my middle school son states that the teacher said it didn't need to be turned in right away. (believe nothing; you hear me?? Nothing!!)

8. The start of explaining to pre-teen daughter that being annoying to her crush, or boys in general, isn't attractive. (glares, got lots of glares)

9. Telling daughter said crush is not allowed because he's annoying ME. (the ban has not been lifted as of yet even with said glares)

10. Reminding oldest he is to protect all siblings as an older brother (must not have repeated "protect" enough as he heard "discipline as a parent would")

Question to the Reader::: What are some of YOUR FAILS?

Well, GOOD LUCK out there parents! Let's make this new year as awesome as we can with lots of fun! Just think, I may be doing worse than you! Now, doesn't that make you feel better already??

Hope to see you Wednesday for the reveal on what trend made a comeback for Fall!!


  1. Yeah, I've dealt with a few of those myself. I'm just happy my kids are grown and I just do the grandma thing. So much more fun.

  2. Glad I never had any of those problems. Lucky me.

  3. Believing that my teen daughter showers every day . . . um, not. Yikes! Had to explain that even if her sense of smell is the dullest in the household, no one else has that problem. (This was two years ago . . . )

  4. Bottom line? I made the foolish mistake of believing whatever my kids told me. Many years later, they came clean on some of the unbelievable things they got away with when they were kids. (If they've got any more stories to tell, I don't wanta hear 'em!)

  5. Te dejo mi blog de poesia por si quTe dejo mi blog de poesia por si quieres criticar gracias.
    Me gusta mucho el tuyo.


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