Friday, March 4, 2016

Embrace the Sass!

Our goal for the Really Real Housewife blog is to do our best to keep bringing our readers fresh, new content. That's why we love to have guests; why we forced encouraged Jessica to send us her recipe videos; and why we are bringing on our fourth housewife. 

Welcome the electrifying, Tammy Theriault

Tammy is the mother of four, a writer, a professional care-taker, and amateur trouble maker. 

This lady is a ball of energy and fun. There's no such thing as sitting on your heels with this gal. She never has an idea...she has IDEAS. 

Enough from us, here's Tammy to tell you a little about herself!

Well, what can I say? Or tell you? I'm a spunky red-headed Pacific Northwest islander whose co-workers think has a mild case of tourettes. 

But that's to be expected when you hang around me.
My Photo

 I like to have FUN, and sometimes will holler my reaction when I could just be...reading. 

Can you say extrovert? Sagittarius? 

Now if you know me, everything just made sense. My hubs finds me sexy, but goofy. 

My kids think I'm the best thing since chocolate milk. Or so they tell me. They could be lying to get on my good side. The four of them are sneaky like that!

I ride a stinking loud Harley that makes my hubs insanely jealous, which is the BEST feeling ever. Until he starts browsing the web for a new motorcycle so he can be cooler than me. Not gonna happen, honey!! 

I work by day supporting mentally disabled adults in their home and community. Then I take my Superwoman cape out ready to clean, then cook, become a chaperon, and once they're fast asleep, find my hubs for a little late night exercise. Oops! Did I say that?? I meant, I sometimes can be found staying up late working on my newest manuscript that is... Yeah. That.

Every night, I end my day with prayers of gratitude for my perfect soulmate (my Harley! kidding...), and my kids. My family is everything. Whenever there is drama in the world or immediately in my life, I sew my family together, wrap them around me like a warm blanket, and let the chipmunk voices drown out the "noise". 

And then I go play with makeup and post pics on Instagram!

 Love life and live to love.

And now she's not just Tammy...she's the Sassy Housewife


  1. Yay for Tammy! So excited to see you as part of the RRHA family. :) You make me laugh with your sass. And a little jealous of your bike too.

    1. Now, if only we can keep up with her...LOL

    2. I'm jealous of my bike, too. I wish I could be THAT loud and legal. Haha!

  2. Tammy's a great addition to the RRHA family. You can ever have too much sass. Love it!

  3. Welcome to the group Tammy sounds like you will fit in. I have never driven a motorbike of any kind, much to wussy, but I did ride pillion a few times in my life and was awarded the status of "biker b**ch" from Harley rider friends in NC. A year two ago mind you.

    1. I won't ride them either Jo. Both my parents were EMTs, so I don't consider myself a wuss, so much as scared straight young. LOL. I also always wear a seat belt, and I don't go near trampolines. I suppose I am a wuss too. LOL

    2. Jo!! Yeah, I got sick of riding beotch and took matters into my own hands. Literally.

  4. fabulous! a dynamic addition to our housewife team! so excited to have Tammy with us B)

  5. I learned lots of really cool things about Tammy with this post. I always suspected it; now, I know for sure. She is definitely my kinda gal.

    My hubby's current Harley is way too quiet. (Don't tell him I said that...)


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