Monday, March 28, 2016

Add Some Speed to Your Computer

The Commodore 64. We've come a long way!
We're getting ready for the A-Z here at the RRH blog.

Still not sure what that is?

Well, let me explain. During the month of April, bloggers accept the challenge of posting every single day, but Sunday, on a topic from A-Z.

On the surface, that doesn't sound too hard, but it's a tough,tough challenge. Part of the hard part is that it's good blog etiquette to try and visit other bloggers taking part in the A-Z.

This year, there are over 1500 bloggers taking part. (see the list Here)

That is a lot of visiting.

So, today's tip for Managing Monday is:

Getting your computer up to speed!

Here are a few very simple and easy tips for increasing the speed of your computer.
(These tips are for Windows, since that's what I have and all I know how to do.)

1. Uninstall unnecessary programs. Go to Control Panel. Under programs, uninstall any programs you don't need. *Do be careful, I once delete Steam because I had no clue what it was...seems my children, the avid gamers, need it to make their computer games run. But there is always some garbage on there that is just taking up good memory space that can be eliminated.

2. Delete old pictures, music files, and documents. I always have an excess of junk on my computer...just like my closets. Once the clutter gets so full, it's difficult not only to see what you have, but you can start to run out of space. Delete what you don't need.

3. Empty the recycle bin. After all that deleting, be sure to empty the garbage, or it's still there taking up memory.

4. Run a virus scan. Viruses and malware will slow down your computer speed (if it doesn't jut crash it!)

5. Check your virus software for an optimization feature. I use Webroot and under Utilities there is a program to analyze my computer's functioning with suggestions for improvement and an optimization feature. Most all virus software programs have this feature. Make sure to utilize it.

6. Maintain your computer updates. Our desk top kept crashing (freezing and shutting down) on start up. I thought we were probably going to be shopping for a new computer, but the problem was my son had turned off Window updates because they annoyed him. I turned them back on, allowed the system to catch up, and it's back to normal.

7. Check to see what's coming on at start up. If your computer takes forever to come online, check to make sure there aren't unnecessary programs loading on start up. In the search bar on your home screen (bottom left corner of screen on Windows home page), type in "msconfig". That should show you what all is set up to start running when you turn your computer is on. Just uncheck what you  don't need.

8. Optimize your hard drive. This may be redundant after running your virus optimizer, but I always do it and it always finds a little something more to clean up.

Go to the search bar on the home screen and type in "My Computer".

That allows you open this page- an info page on your computer.

Right click on devices and drivers and another box should pop up.

Right click on Properties and then click on Local Disk.

Then click on Tools and select Optimize.
Hopefully, these quick and easy tips gain you some time by making your computer quicker on the download.

photo credit: IMG_3947 via photopin (license)


  1. This AtoZ is a great deadline for spring cleaning. Get everything checked and cleaned and in order before April 1

    1. I may do the house spring cleaning in May...after the A-Z.

  2. yes, yes, yes! must delete and purge unnecessities!!
    happy monday!

    1. Happy Monday to you too!

      I had a ton of memes I downloaded. I am an online funnies hoarder!

  3. I had a Commodore 64. All good tips, never occurred to me to do all that before the A to Z.

    1. I still remember my dad bringing ours home. My friend and I stayed up all night programming it with the GOTOs and all that. We were fascinated.

  4. Excellent tips! I must do some spring cleaning on my computer. :)

    1. It may take me months to weed through all the crap my kids download. I had more tool bars than a human could ever use.

  5. interesting... I never knew you were such a computer whiz!

    1. Hardly. I call my niece who works tech support and keep notebooks of what she tells me- so I don't have to bug her 24/7.

  6. Fantastic advice, thank you. I must purge.

    1. A good declutter is always good, no matter where it happens.


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