Monday, February 8, 2016

Good news and Odd views for Monday

The Groundhog Coalition says,
"Spring is on the way!"
Here's a little song I wrote about it a while back.

My dry skin and stuffy nose are excited for warmer weather. But I wonder if El Niño has anything in store for us this summer, since it's been called a "very strong" year... Just saying, look at the weather when plan your vacations!


This is extra exciting since I procrastinated going to the dentist for um, longer than I should have. And while I was there, in that dreaded, fearful establishment of pain, I thought of a few things...
Way to go, Woman!
  • Though I love, love coffee, I don't think the dentist should provide free cups. It's like they're feeding our addiction so we have to come back more often. "Have some coffee, don't worry about stains, we can whiten your teeth!" Why don't they put out lollipops and taffy, too? But maybe that's just me.
  • Why don't adults get rewards for good behavior? We surely deserve a treat more than kids because we drag ourselves to the dentist knowing we will have to endure torturous poking and prodding and drilling! "What a good girl you were. Pick a trinket." I'd love a pen or even a sticker with a big smile that says, "No Cavities!" or "I survived another cleaning!"
  • And when are they going to come up with a laser procedure to zap plaque? I mean, they have lasik surgery for eyes... Let's go science pioneers - reduce my pain!
What are you happy about this Monday? Do you want a sticker? I'll send you one =)


  1. I have hated going to the dentist since I was 15 when I went to one who was more interested in my developing figure than in my teeth. After all these years I don't remember the details but I know he hurt me badly. I need a medal for going, not just a sticker.

    1. Oh my, Jo! That's terrible! My worst was getting an infection after a crown =( Dentist is just no fun.

  2. I've put off going to the dentist much longer than I should have. Now, I don't want to go because they'll probably make fun of me. I remember that, as a kid, my favorite part of the dentist was being able to pick a treat/toy from the treasure chest they kept behind the reception desk.

    If there was one of those for adults, I probably wouldn't have procrastinated...

    1. Exactly. I hate the guilt trip for not flossing...

  3. I do want a sticker! I do! That's a good point about the laser thing. The poking of the gums is the worst. My kid gets a whole little bag of cool stuff every time he goes to the dentist. I get floss, a new toothbrush, and a bill.

  4. I got a sticker when I in labor for boy #4. The attending nurse had a good sense of humor.

    I wouldn't give away free coffee either if I was a dentist. Coffee breath...ugh.

    1. It's just strange, isn't it? Stickers make things better =)

  5. Thank you for your humorous post on the importance of attending regular visits to the dentist. While your fear of dental work is certainly understandable, there are so many advances in modern dentistry that make routine dental work quick and painless. You are certainly setting a good example by owning up to your fear of the dentist and forging ahead.


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