Monday, November 12, 2018

Respect for Veterans' Day

This holiday is about to have new meaning to me... My son just joined the Army!

His journey in Basic Training has begun. And one of the best/worst things about it--no phones.

  • Phones are distractions
  • The recruits need to break bad habits and create new good ones
  • But now, down time is "boring"--so we are writing letters! This is my favorite part. It's super slow snail mail, but I love receiving his letters. And I love writing to him too. He's never been a reader, but now he has to!
  • I also send him word puzzles, stickers, photos, and anything else fun I can put into a letter (no packages allowed)
  • Another drawback is not being able to communicate with him directly. But he's a big boy and doesn't need us checking up on him.
It reminds me of the TBCP (time before cell phones, haha) I had several pen pals and lots of down time without a gadget to keep me occupied. I was never bored! I think there should be a required, weekly "no phone" day. Unfortunately, we've all grown entirely too dependent on them. The experience my son is having shows him he can survive without it.

I encourage you to surprise someone with a letter--they're so personal and meaningful. When you take the time to write, others know you care!


  1. Hi Tara - that's so wonderful to read of your son's joining up - good for him. He'll learn so much, get good friends ... learn to read more! and perhaps to write too!! I agree writing letters can be so invigorating ... people love them ... and I still write to some youngsters and some elderlies ... cheers Hilary

  2. Congratulations to your son! I saved the letters mine wrote me during that time and made sure to send different cards/stationary every time I wrote him to jazz things up. But we were lucky. His drill sergeants were going into retirement after his group went through, so they let the guys have their phones quite often. It was a tough time, and after hearing all of the stories when he got back, I'm glad he didn't tell me everything they went through during the camp and training.

  3. Congratulations and many thanks to your son. Military life isn't easy and I'm grateful for the men and women who sacrifice the easy life to protect the rest of us.

    With the exception of Christmas cards, I don't do letters too often, which is sad. Chad and I used to send letters back and forth when we were at different colleges and I've saved them. You can't do that with text messages.

  4. Thanks to your son for his willingness to serve.

    I miss the days of letters, though I don't really miss waiting for days or weeks to get a response to one!

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