Monday, June 18, 2018

Better Spaghetti & Dog Belts

Having grown kids isn't so bad, especially when you can count on them for good ideas.

My oldest son is living in New York and frequents Italian restaurants where he learned why my spaghetti always had water pooling on the plates with the noodles. Seems my over-draining was the problem.
According to a pasta professional, the best way to serve pasta with a tomato sauce is to leave a little of the noodle water on the noodles. Add the sauce to the noodles and mix. The starch from the noodle water thickens the sauce.

No more watery sauce!

My youngest son showed me how to improvise a dog leash. Our dog slipped her collar and ran away. My son ran her down, but didn't have a leash to walk her home, so he used his belt. I know I've had to walk run-away dogs home bent over dragging them by the scruff of the neck more than a few times. Not once did I think to use my belt.
A simple belt...
Can become a leash in a pinch.

And here's a tip you probably won't want to use. My husband's old car and was looking a bit raggedy. He decided to give her a fresh coat pf paint.
The old girl's paint was oxidizing, so...
$21 in cans of spray paint from Wal Mart and...

she's fancier than any of the 1994 Nissans in the salvage yard!


  1. great tips! and been there with my friend’s car - love spray paint!

  2. Can't imagine the spray paint will last that long! I knew that about pasta, but the dog leash idea is a good one. Don't have a dog any more of course.

    1. I have been over draining my pasta for years. Never had a clue I was my own worst enemy!

      I told him he better avoid the car wash...heck the first good rain might wash it off for all we know. LOL

  3. It's nice when the kiddos are old enough to teach us parents and grandparents a thing or two, isn't it?

    I'll be interested in hearing how well the spray paint lasts on the car. Someone spray-painted our Corvette matte black before we bought it, and it looked awful. It's taken a LOT of work to remove it all. Any car-painting my hubby has done has been with multiple layers of professional car paints, a sealed area and a respirator. Not fast or fun, but it looked fantabulous.

    1. Not to disparage my husband's car, but it's not worth investing more than cans of spray paint on. The car is seriously on its last legs. Spray painting a corvette is a different kids of travesty.

  4. I love the multi-towel windshield cover-up :)

  5. Hi Elizabeth - we can only learn ... glad that supper's fixed now - so you can all eat happily ever after!! Cheers Hilary

  6. Perfect inspiration :) and what attention to detail! I admire and congratulate.



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