Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy Wishes for 2017 from THE Housewives

2016 is finally over. There were ups and downs as in every year, but the last couple of months seemed to roll down a hill and never hit the bottom for us to climb back up!

Thankfully, a new year has connotations of a new beginning. And we at the House would like to share some joy and fond wishes with you all... Plus some fun memes you can take with you!

Ashley - feeling judged for her Crazy Cat Lady
Ugly Christmas Sweater by her bird Clio.

"I wish everyone books that whisk them away to magical worlds, moments that inspire and motivate them to change the world for the better, and the time to enjoy the happiness they build for themselves." - Ashley

Liz is in the corner in green - she's had to deal with a lot of crisis this season, but is persevering!

"My hope for 2017 is to appreciate the small things and to be mindful to count blessings." - Liz

Tammy's Happy New Year card!

"My good wishes are to do more in 2017 than I could in 2016. From my writing, to fitness, to kid activities to even putting my foot down more. Haha!" - Tammy

Tara in her wrapping station... busy little elf!

"May strength and wisdom be with you in 2017!"


  1. We are going to ROCK this year, ladies!

  2. Wishing you all the very best of New Years. Health, Wealth and Happiness. Plus good food of course.

  3. Happy New Year, Really Real Housewives!

  4. Hi happy housewives ... congratulations on the year past and now to new beginnings and success for 2017 - enjoy it ... cheers Hilary

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