Monday, December 19, 2016

Revlon VS Maybelline 24hr Lipcolor

Recently, I went out of my way to finally buy a lipstick more than $4. Trust me, it's HARD to do. But I buy cheap because I know I'm literally eating the cost. Here's what I mean...

Check out the lipstick on my food!!! It's so yummy...
So, as I'm too hungry or thirsty to care, I eat my lipstick. OH, THE SHAME!

But, I gave in and purchased an $8 Maybelline Super Stay 24hr Color. Not lipstick. It's like colored gloss you apply, and on the other end is a moisturizing balm to "seal in moisture and keep lips comfortable all day". The directions said to apply to clean/dry lips, wait 2 mins, then apply moisturizing balm. Easy, right?

Here is a collage of how the day went:

Likes: easy to wear, lasts most of the day, doesn't show up on a single food/cup/napkin, no lip liner looking remains, if I re-applied the moisturizer again it'd spruce it up a touch, price was reasonable

Dislikes: price (obviously because I like cheap), not 24hr stay at all

But what about another major makeup brand? So, my dear bestie, Precy Larkins, has a 24hr stay called Revlon Colorstay Ultimate. She paid about $10. Here's how her day went:

Likes: stayed on during kissing session/napkin blotting/eating, easy to wear, lasts most of the day

Dislikes: humid weather it doesn't last longer than 2-3hrs

So then I got this bright idea to experiment with the lipcolor. What if I put on a color I liked, and then add the 24hr gloss over it. Would it work? Here's the color result:

Did it work: OH, HECK NO! It was gone in a few bites of a pita. Ah, well, it was worth a try. (Trust me, reversed is no different.)

There you have it, ladies! I firmly support paying over $4 for lipstick so long as it's the 24hr ones. I wouldn't even chance the dollar difference with the 16hr ones. NOPE.  I love this stuff for real. I wish I'd bought a million various colors that day. But the week prior, I'd already picked up about 6 new matte colors!! Dang it!! (However, we both agreed we like the matte lipsticks, as they will stay on for 1/2 the day, but...they come off on foods.)

My advice for the holidays: 24hr lipcolor is the perfect way to keep those gorgeous colors on through any event, party, or smooching sessions....ME-OW!


  1. Great findings, ladies! I've been experimenting with long-lasting lipstick, as well. My hands-down favorite? LipSense

  2. Did your lips ever dry out or did the moisturizer work?

    1. They dry out. That's why it says to moisturize often. I didn't but u didn't mind the dry lips because I was too busy. Lol

  3. I am definitely a fan of the Maybelline product, though I never believe any claim of lasting 24-hours. The only thing is that the base color does stain my lips a bit and that lasts all day even if the gloss doesn't. One word of warning... If I accidentally put another lip balm on top rather than the one that comes with it, It peels off. Also if I happen to leave it in a hot car it has to be thrown out.


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