Friday, December 9, 2016

Holidays = Travel = Photo Ops

For Friday Fun today, I'm going to share some of my pics from my latest travels... It was great to see my sis and her family in Disney and Universal Studios over Thanksgiving. Had a blast!

But first, I want to share my favorite road sign...

Kids grow up fast, so I try to take as many pics as I can - here are just a few memorable moments!

Where's your favorite place to vacay? Ever go to a fun getaway during the Holidays? Do tell!
Happy Friday!


  1. Hi Tara - good looking lad/s ... oh yes they rush along to adulthood - enjoy him ... cheers Hilary

  2. Thanks, Hilary - yes they do rush.
    Happy December

  3. My favorite place is the beach- the Outer Banks is tops, but I'll take any spot with salt water :)

    Great pics!

  4. i really likes your blog and You have shared the whole concept really well. and Very beautifully soulful read! thanks for sharing.


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