Friday, July 15, 2016

#American Friday Fun

July is the month that we really hit this America stuff hard. And why not? We love America. So here are a few America thoughts for your Friday.

  • Russia and the US are only 4km apart. That’s under 3 miles!
  • Ronald Reagan declared the rose to be the national flower in 1986. How romantic of him. Lol!
  • Did you know that it cost more to make a penny than it’s worth? Yeah, I think we all knew that.
  • E Pluribus Unum (as printed on our money) means ‘out of many, one.’ It was the motto of the United States of America until 1956 when Congress changed it to In God We Trust. In a simple way this Latin motto points out that we had many different states and they were united but I believe on a deeper level we are still very much a country of many (the diversity in America is incredible) that is one (unity!)
  • The United States contains nearly every climate found elsewhere in the world.
  • The Great Seal of America was designed by Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson in 1782. 

If you want to “Make America Great Again” then I think we just have to make Americans great again. I’m not talking about certain politicians, or public figures, or even your neighbor. I’m talking about YOU!

What are the values that you wish to see in America? Honesty? Hard work? Thrift? Kindness? Respect? Work on making these things part of YOU and your family.

You can’t control all of America with legislature but you can make it clear that nothing short of complete honestly will be tolerated in your home and if you personally slip up you can apologize and make it right.

patriotic family
Set an example. How will that make a difference? Great values are contagious. We look around, we always have, we always will. We notice if our neighbors are forthright and respectful. We notice when the gentleman in the grocery store is kind and patient.  We know if our parents worked hard for what they got or if they just expected a hand out. We notice when our teachers and leaders respond with ethics even when it’s hard. They make America great. You make America great.

We might not be perfect but I am proud to be an American.

God Bless the USA!

And God Bless Shelly Brown! Thanks so much for sharing your goodness with us this week!

Shelly Brown is a mother to five crazy kids, caretaker of five crazy chickens, and wears the hat of children’s book writer at least 5 days a week. Her debut children’s book Ghostsitter comes out October 1st  but you can preorder today on AmazonBarnes and Noble, or your local independent bookseller.


  1. Hi Tara - I'd no idea that so little separated Russia and the States ... good luck to the US for its future .. cheers Hilary

  2. Amen Shelley!! I think integrity still matters. If more of us believe that, maybe we can survive.


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