Monday, May 20, 2019

End of Semesters

 It's late and I'm tired. My oldest son is graduating from law school this week, so my husband and I drove up to New York to clean out his dorm room. He's the third child I've had to move out of a dorm or an apartment. The end of the semester can be a lot of work!

We'll be going back up as a family for the ceremony, but needed to get everything cleared out so there's room for people in the van.

After graduation, we'll be headed to the beach for a vacation.

Between all the kid-moving and traveling, I've also been finishing up the edits on a new book and preparing a book launch.

Please remind me to pay my electric bill. My poor brain is fried. Just a little.

Speaking of fried minds...

My husband sent this picture to me. I have no idea where it came from, but the accompanying message said the picture is real and has not been photoshopped.

Weird, right?

Here's another weird little tip. While eating lunch outside today, the wind kept being a pain in my buns sweeping my napkin off the table with every gust. I got tired of chasing it. The table we were eating at was metal, so I used a magnet to secure it. Never had to chase it again.

Now, back to that picture...

Flip it upside down and it's a reminder that changing how you look at things makes a world of difference. It's all about perspective!

Now, it's time for a nap. 


  1. OH Wow, I remember moving my girl in and out of college for 4 years and she was only 30 min away. It was so tiring but fun at the same time.
    I'm keeping a magnate in my purse from now on. We love eating outdoors but the wind can be ugly.

    1. It marks the official beginning of summer. That's awesome. Putting it all away is a bit less awesome. LOL

  2. Congratulations to the latest graduate. They really are doing well. What a good idea to use a magnet. Clever Girl. What book?

    1. Hoosier Dad, Jo. You read it about a year ago. The one with the attorney and the guy facing the custody battle. It's finally headed out to readers.

      Amazing what kind of crap I have in my purse at any given time...

  3. The magnet idea is genius! Congrats to your son—that's quite the milestone. My kids have been dorm/apartment hopping, but so far, don't want my help. Which is fine. I just drive in and take them out to eat instead :)


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