Monday, April 8, 2019

Thrifty Skin Care Tips

Over the years, I've accumulated several cheap and easy skin care tips.

When I was in my teens, my Grandma Rose, who always looked decades younger than her years,  told me to forget face washing with soap and water or even cleanser, unless I had on heavy make-up or was just soaked in dirt or sweat. Simply use a warm wet wash cloth for cleansing.  Seems squeaky clean  isn't really all that good for sensitive facial skin.

Daily moisturizing is also must to keep skin supple- much like keeping a baseball glove oiled to keep it from cracking.

 Sunblock is also a must. I once had a dark spot near my eye that made me look constantly tired. I paid a fortune for fade cream. The woman I bought if from reminded me that sunblock is a whole lot cheaper than the fix-it. Speaking of sun, wear sunglasses that are UV and UVB protected. Not only will it protect your eyes, it will reduce crow's feet that comes from squinting in the sun.

As for pesky dark circles...after my son was born, part of my discharge pack contained hemorrhoid cream.  I didn't need it, but the nurse assured me I was paying for it whether I took it or not, so I may as well take it home and use it when I had dark circles or puffy eyes. She was right. It works! Just be sure to keep it out of the eyes. For redness or pimples, regular cortisone from the dollar store works as well as pricey creams to shrink the swelling and alleviate the redness.

Speaking of boys would often suffer from it during football season. Clean the inside of the helmet and the chin strap regularly with rubbing alcohol to prevent acne-causing bacteria build-up. And the best acne preventing soap...far better than the all the expensive white antibacterial Dial soap. My dad was scheduled for heart surgery and part of the pre-op prep was to bathe in white Dial. I asked the nurse, why white...they make Dial in yellow too. She said the white was less drying, but killed the germs. Since pimples are mostly caused by bacteria, reduce them- reduce the number of pimples.

For all-over softness and healthy skin, reduce the heat during baths and showers. Moisturize immediately after bathing to trap moisture in the skin. To smooth tougher skin, like heels and elbows soft, exfoliate with a wash cloth or pumice stone after soaking in the tub. Apply moisturizer liberally to feet and pull on a pair of socks until it soaks in

Before you go, be sure to share tips and advice. I do enjoy new cheats.


  1. I agree with “Just warm water on the face”. I use baby oil to remove eye make up. I rarely wear a lot of foundation. When I do, I will was my face quickly with regular Ivory soap. Most days its just warm water and I have not had oil or pimple problems since. I use Baby oil cream for a face moisturizer. People cringe when I say that. They think oil. But it does not make my face oily at all. I would say I have combination skin type but Its great now.

    1. I love the smell of baby oil. I also use it for eye make-up. I forgot all about that. It doesn't take much and requires no tugging on the eyes.

      I have super dry skin. Not even much of a t-spot. I also never suffered much from acne. I also forgot to mention changing pillow cases often to cut down on acne. My boys would swap pillow cases, sometimes every night. They're small and light and don't add much to the laundry pile. But when they sweat, and dare I say, drool the bacteria gets on the skin and causes outbreaks.

  2. I've cleaned my face with pHisoderm for years now. I also moisturise with an Avon cream and considering how old I am, my face skin is in pretty good condition.

    1. You're proof that soap is to be avoided and moisturizer is our friend! I used to use pHisoderm as a teenager. And Noxema in the summer. It felt great during the summer before bed in an unairconditioned house.

  3. I'm getting a bar of white dial for my son. I also only wash my face with warm water, but it's more out of lack of time than thoughtful effort. Lol! Guess I was doing it right :)

    1. The Dial worked better than anything else we bought. We also did frequent pillow case changes. I think young guys are sweatier and oilier than the average person.


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