Monday, November 21, 2016

Maintain, No Gain Challenge

All right all you really real peeps, it's time to stay just the way you are!

Don't let that holiday spirit equal extra pounds! No one wants to start the new year with a sweatpant wardrobe as your only option.

Not that I have anything against sweatpants, I'm actually wearing a pair as I type this...I'm just saying that as of this moment...I do have other options in my wardrobe. And nooo, I'm not talking about my leggings.

But here's the really real truth, a few extra cookies this holiday season and I'm NOT going to fit into my other pants. Sure, I can up up a size, I know how to shop, but I don't want to.

Now, I could pay big money and join a weight loss club OR I can harass encourage my fellow friends and blog buddies to join me on our Facebook page for the Maintain, No Gain Challenge.

It's NOT a diet. We're turning our Facebook page into a support group that we hope helps us achieve balance--

To indulge without adding more bulge. 

It will be easy- if you're on Facebook. The Really Real Housewives have a public Facebook group, all you have to do is join the group and join in on the fun. We'll start Monday, November 21st- just in time to start the holiday cooking! And we'll be in it together until January 1st.


  1. I really hope this works for you all. I, of course, will not be cooking up a storm right now because our Thanksgiving is over. Christmas is our time now.

    1. I'm gearing up for Christmas too. I did well over Thanksgiving. I ate what I wanted, but in more modest proportions and was mindful to keep eating my fruits and veggies and drinking my water.


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