Monday, August 1, 2016

Weight Loss Journey (more like a train wreck!)

I can't tell you how much I appreciate Jennie Bennett's posts this week! She's being brave, telling us about her struggles with weight, which I had no idea she had. She always looks fabulous! It's a very common struggle for so many of us. Thanks, JA.

So happy to be on the Really Real Housewives blog for my first time ever! Thanks for having me ladies. I’m not the type to mess around, so let’s get straight to it, yeah?

In Feb 2015 I found out I was pregnant with my fourth child, and it was freedom.

I had a bad relationship with food for a few months leading up to the pregnancy. Nothing new really, I’d been through periods of starvation-binge-starvation many times before.

Finally, I had an excuse to gain weight, and no one would judge me for it. I’d had three other kids before and never a problem losing the weight afterwards. I should have known from the start that was a dangerous road to go down.

The recommended weight gain for pregnancy is 25-30 lbs. I gained that in the first trimester.  Before anyone starts thinking that weight gain is different for everyone during pregnancy, I agree. However, with my other three children 25-30 lbs was natural. I didn’t have to monitor my diet or exercise, it just was.

Turning 30+ and a 4th child was the recipe for disaster, the weight wouldn’t stop. I knew 198 lbs didn’t seem like the end of the world to everyone, but it did to me. I was only two pounds away from my worst nightmare. I was anxious to have the baby so I wouldn’t have to face that number on the scale.

That’s right, my thinking was so messed up I wanted to have the baby for the sake of my weight. After he was born, I knew it still wouldn’t be easy. I was counting on it. What I didn’t count on was that nagging 30+ age thing.

Some weight came off naturally. About 15 lbs. I had gained 45 when I was pregnant. If I thought the self-loathing and my relationship with food was bad before, it was multiplied by nothing fitting.

30 lbs overweight is nothing to sneeze at, but I had no idea how it would change the way I shopped for clothes. I love shopping, I always have. The shops I loved weren’t made for 30 lbs overweight.

It was Feb 2016, and now none of my clothes fit, and I couldn’t buy the clothing I really liked. I was going to a concert and meeting up with lots of friends, and I really wanted a cute outfit. It took me days and too many hours to count to find something. It shouldn’t be that hard.

After the concert, I decided that was the final straw, and I had to do something to change. I was fortunate enough to find the solution in a weight loss competition, where I lost 51 lbs! Weight loss competitions aren’t the answer, but I think they’ve helped me come closer to finding that answer.  If you want to know more about what they are, come on back for my next post!

Jennie Bennett is a hopeless romantic. Thankfully, her husband is willing to be cheesy now and again. It’s probably the reason they have four kids. When she’s not swooning over her favorite romantic television shows (Kdramas) she’s writing love stories. Well, in between changing poopy diapers. Her family currently resides in Houston, TX.


  1. Hi Tara and Jennie - congratulations on finding your way to lose that weight or at least well on your way back to feeling good about it ... and it certainly shows - I love the white dress though ... but great weight loss ... cheers to you both - Hilary

  2. That's quite a success story! So happy for you. And you look great.

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  4. Ah weight loss. I have never had kids so never gone through that kind of weight gain, but I have been struggling with weight all my life. I first went on a diet at age 11. In 2013 a friend told me she was spending $6,000 on having an operation to lose weight. I thought that was just ridiculous and decided I could do it without all that money, and I did so for a few months eventually losing 46 lbs. Then the plateau struck and nothing has changed since that time although I haven't gained either so that is a plus. So, Jennie, I can sympathise with you. You are certainly looking good right now.

    1. Thank you! It's not easy, but the best part is feeling better.

  5. Love it!!! And you're super inspiring!!! Pregnancies make it harder. That's for sure <3

  6. The more I worry about my weight, the more weight I gain. You seem to have found your solution! Way to go!

  7. I'm so happy for you. I hope you can keep it off. I feel ya, Jennie. I've always been metabolically challenged, and getting older only makes it worse. Add going through the change and it was like my metabolism was crippled. I'm still struggling on the maintenance issue. I seem to either be gaining or losing. I'm trying something new this time, a program with a health coach. I'm down 38.2 pounds as of this morning. As always, the real challenge will come when I reach my goal and try to maintain.

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