Liz Seckman - The Creative Housewife

Liz (AKA Elizabeth Seckman- Author of women’s fiction and daydreamer of all things not related to housekeeping) is a busy mom of four boys- who are too quickly becoming men! They range in age from 21 years to 15, so she considers herself a seasoned pro since two of her offspring have reached adulthood with only a few scars and no criminal records.

Liz is a former social worker with a degree from Marshall University in Counseling and Rehabilitation. She was born in Ohio, but moved to West Virginia before she was a month old, so she’s been a Mountaineer most of her life. She’s The Creative Housewife- not because she’s overly crafty, but because she devotes a lot of creative energy to figuring out how to work less and play more.

You can check out Liz's books on her blog.

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