Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Healthy Glow: Makeup Contouring Tricks

I'm no expert by any means, but I LOVE to dabble in the makeup world! And by doing so, have tried many makeup tricks, or invented some of my own.  This is one I learned from some tutorials, and my own trial and error. I call it:

(no tanning beds required!) (takes 5mins)
What you'll need:
1) matching skin tone concealer
2) concealer stick (comes in 1 color)
3) bronzer & brush
4) matching skin tone powder & brush
(I have one for winter/summer skin colors)
5) blush of choice & brush
6) photo bombing naked foot
(comes in most colors...)
FIRST - let's start off with concealers. I use my clean washed hands rather than sponges. I find sponges don't blend as well. There's nothing better than "Magic Hands"
(make sure to rub in skin toned concealer like it's lotion, going everywhere! no lines!
concealer stick areas: down nose, under eyes and burst lines, above eyebrows, spot on forehead, spot on chin, don't make thick lines or it comes out cakey)
SECOND - finesse it with powders
(bronzer creates slimming lines on your face, but don't over do the amount!
powder is the essence of blending so be sure to blend well!)

BEFORE                             AFTER

Funny thing, I did some video tutorials, but man, I couldn't stop being silly! I even came up with a weird song for our "magical faces", too, in some weird jingle-dance. Well, I hope everyone learned something new, and gives it a try! If you do, I would love to see it! You can send it to me via email if you don't want others to see it @ tammybr12(at)gmail(dot)com or come to our Housewives FB page and post it there! Click the FB link on the right sidebar to find us!
P.S Thanks for stopping by. I you and stuff <3 

**Friday I have the lovely Jennifer J. Bennett stopping by to give us 4 ways to set boundaries to be a more sane Mom! Can't wait!!


  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing. That's my girlie evening fixed :)

  2. You would. =) I'm not big on wearing makeup. Super oily skin makes it really difficult. On the plus side, my skin is never dried out...

  3. By mid day my forehead always looks shiny. Haha. Nothing I little blotting doesn't help!

  4. It gets too warm here this time of year to wear much in the way of make-up. Just a weeeeeee bit of moisturizer, and I'm good to go. I DO, however, have the naked foot. In fact, I've got two of them. :)

    1. awww! I know what you mean about the summer. and I have two feet too!! haha

  5. You look fab in all the pics!
    Great tips =) Keep em coming!

  6. Fantastic! You should post the videos. I want to hear this magical song! :)

  7. OMG I love make up!!!! So yay for tutorials! That was for sure a "duck-face approved contour job! BOOM! <3

    (I wrote that in duck-face mode, FYI)


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