Friday, November 6, 2015

Tiny Vacation!

Happy Friday, everybody! 6 weeks ago today, we were on our way up to Nashville. Some people go to Nashville for the music. Some people go to Nashville for the shows.
The Nashville Tiny House was so adorable!

We went for the kick-ass Tiny House.

I love tiny spaces. Seriously. I'm a natural nester and have been for as long as I can remember. Even as a kid I always found the tiny forgotten spaces to hide in with a book and a flashlight, whether it was under the coats in a closet or in the hidden space behind the old entertainment center. The more it felt like a cocoon, the better.

Go ahead - call me crazy. (You wouldn't be the first!) But it's no surprise that I jumped right on board when the Tiny House movements started building steam. It's economical (which really speaks to my heart), it's practical, it's low maintenance, and it's friggin' adorable. Be honest, ladies - who here DIDN'T want to live in their dollhouse as a kid?

We found it on and knew we were going to love it as soon as we saw the fun modern/industrial exterior. Inside, it's about 185 sq feet of cozy awesomeness that made a perfect weekend escape for us.

Chill time in the Sky Palace!
My favorite part was the sky palace - a place of absolute peace and nesting heaven that boring people might refer to as a "loft." Since this weekend was all about R&R, we kicked back with drinks and Netflix and ordered in. (Note the lovely puppy dog pajamas in the pic)

This was more than a vacation for us, though. Since we're planning to build our own Tiny House within the next two years, it was also a test run to see how it really felt living side by side in a space this small. We passed with flying colors! Although, I would strongly recommend to anyone considering it that a powerful bathroom fan is a must-have, marriage-saving addition to a teency living space like this. Seriously. Spare no expense! ;-)

View from the Living Room: Kitchen and Bath  are nestled under the loft bedroom, AKA Sky Palace

When Inspiration Strikes: The hubs working on the design for our own Tiny House.

Think you're up for the experience? Chances are there's a Tiny House rental near you or wherever you're headed for your next vacation. Most of these are managed by individual owners, so a search on for "Tiny House" is your easiest way to find them. Have fun with your tiny vacation!


  1. I don't live in a tiny house, but I do live in a little house. People always asked us if we were going to buy a bigger place since we also had a brood of boys, but we powered through. Now, they're all growing fast and talking about moving out (it hurts to write, so we wouldn't need a whole lot of extra space anyhow! And now our house is paid off, so as long as we keep paying the tax man, no one can take it from us.

    1. Everyone seems to thing bigger is better. And I'm over here thinking "Are you going to clean it for me?"

  2. i'd love to live in a tiny very small amount of cleaning house myself but my over 6 foot tall husband two 6 foot tall boy teenagers and soon to be over 6 foot tall little guy would never fit!! and the bathroom fan is indispensable no matter how tiny or big the house!! what a fun adventure!!

  3. I'd definitely would want to try it. Would be an experience. :) Enjoy!

  4. I love the Tiny House Movement and have been looking into getting my own tiny home in the next year or two. I didn't know there was a rental option to try it out. I love that idea. Thanks for sharing.

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