Monday, June 27, 2016

How-to Take a Perfect Selfie

Today we are welcoming Tammy's childhood friend, Lyndsay Johnson! She's going to be talking to us about selfies, a summer idea for kids, and makeup this week! Take it away Lyndsay!
Need some help getting a great profile photo or head shot? With the right angle and light, you can take a beautiful photo every time! Here are my top ten selfie tips:
1. Find a big bright window and stand facing it.The light will make your pores and fine lines look smaller, and erase dark circles and puffiness. Make sure you do not stand with the window behind you, or else you will be back-lit, and in silhouette!
2. Hold your phone just above your eye line. Not TOO high, or you get a triangle face. Not too low, or hello double chin. You might want to tilt your head depending on your nose. For example, my nose looks wide when I smile, so I tend to angle my face in my selfies so they aren't straight on. If you have more of a roman nose, or your nose is naturally more slender, a selfie from straight looks beautiful.
3. Find your "smile." I can't full mouth smile in a selfie. Otherwise my nose grows and grows (see above). It also brings out lots of smile lines around my eyes. I have a selfie half smile that makes my cheeks look rosy and my nose not overwhelm the frame.
4. Ramp up the color just a *bit* if you want to showcase makeup. Bright lighting will wash you out. So you might need an extra pop of blush on your cheeks.
5. In a selfie rut? Take a drive. Wonder why you always look amazing in a car selfie? It's the light coming in from all sides! Unbuckle your seatbelt, try to hide the carseat in the background, and SMILE (with your special selfie smile). 
6. Experiment with different poses. Different poses show off different features! Remember that smart phone optics are different than a regular camera. So just keep trying if you aren't loving your angle or post.
7. COMPLETELY AVOID bathroom light! It will age you, and accentuate lines, wrinkles, and bags that aren't there...not to mention the lighting will make you look orange, yellow, or even greenish!
8. Avoid using the camera on your computer to take a selfie. They will give your face an ominous glow and make you look scary because of the low angle and glow from the screen!
9. Take a trip around your house (inside and out) to find the best natural, indirect light. Avoid harsh sunlight or full shadows!
10. Remember that you are beautiful, and that confidence will shine through any photo!
WANNA SEE THE VIDEO?? *CLICK HERE* to fast track to a video tutorial of these 10 tips!
*come back Wednesday where Lyndsay gives a creative game idea to keep kids/Mom sane this summer!*
Lyndsay Johnson is a stay/work/play-at-home-mom to three littles. She is a graphic designer, author, and beauty maven who helps women gain confidence and grow their business through social media. She loves secret naps, watching movies in the dark, and admiring the mountains out her window. She lives in Heber City, UT with her children and filmmaker husband.
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  1. Good tips!! Especially the window lighting one, I always have a hard time getting that right.

  2. Thanks so much for the tips. I try to update my profile picture once a year, but it usually takes me a bazillion tries to get one picture that doesn't make me look too much like a horse's patootie. I'll try facing the window light next time. (Can't hurt!)

  3. I'm jealous of your natural gorgeous look! I never could find my smile in selfies or in regular photos so I avoid them like the plague. Put a camera in my face and I immediately grimace, no matter what.

  4. My bedroom window has become my new friend!!! Love ya girl!

  5. I'm so not photogenic. The camera makes me look like my great-aunt on a bad hair day after a root canal. Really.


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