Tammy Theriault - The Sassy Housewife

Every morning, Tammy is woken by her four kids bringing her breakfast in bed. The husband, her personal stylists, plans her perfect outfit for the day, telling her how hot she looks in it. Each stand by the door, kiss her cheek goodbye to avoid smearing her stellar makeup, wish her a good day at work, and begin plans on a decadent dinner for when she returns.

*cue waking up from dream*

In reality, she hates mornings and snoozes till the last minute, rushing everyone out the door hollering, "We're late! Hurry!" During the week, she's works for a company providing state mandated care to mentally disabled adults. When she returns home, she's so spent, cooking is more like a chore than a pleasure (unless it's the weekend). When kids are off to bed, including the hottie husband, she pretends to be normal and watches her fav recorded shows, reads a book, exercises, or writes in her novel. She loves being spontaneous on the weekends, and takes the family anywhere to spend time together. One day, she hopes to be an at-home-mom like she did 10 long years ago. Here's to wishing!

And back to dreaming...

Tammy enjoys making love, peace, laughter, and stories...in no particular order.


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